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Antonietto Rancilio

The history of the very classic Parabiago

The cycling event recalls the figure of the entrepreneur who died in 1983 who, with the work of the company, contributed to the worldwide diffusion of the culture of espresso and cappuccino Made in Italy.

The Categories

Elite & Under 23

Now over 30 editions, the “Antonietto Rancilio Trophy” is recognized as one of the reference competitions of the beginning of the season in the North Italian amateur field. We remind you, in fact, that the competition is reserved for Elite Amateur athletes, essentially the "antechamber" category of professionalism.

Scrolling through the roll of honor of past editions, you will find numerous names of athletes who have boasted and still boast a bright passage in the highest category.

Among the best known we mention: '84 Calcaterra (later professional and very trusted forerunner of "King Lion" Cipollini), Brugna (who the following year will become world champion behind track engines), '86 Pezzetti (several times Italian champion in the category) , '89 Martinelli (later European road champion), '90 and '91 Lombardi (Olympic track champion and later one of the best professionals), '92 Paris (several times on the world track speed podium and also national team coach specialties), and to continue to the present day with Sacchi, Chesini, Danilo Napolitano (2002), Paride Grillo (2004), Andrea Guardini (2008 and 2010), Nicola Ruffoni (2012), Jakub Mareczko and Caleb Ewan ( 2014), Simone Consonni (2015) and Matteo Moschetti (2017) all in great evidence among professionals.

Technically the race is suitable for the most popular sprinters, but the flat circuit almost constantly beaten by a deceptive breeze is more treacherous than it may seem.

Confirming this are the numerous editions (no less than 7) in which the final was characterized by the arrival of a solitary athlete.

The effort that the board of directors of GS Rancilio infuses for the success of this race is truly remarkable, but fatigue becomes very little when a sport like cycling, today certainly more modern than in the past, brings out its spectacularity and beauty of action.

And then the best prize for the whole organizing machine is to observe the small but sturdy "caravan" of the race moving around the multicolored swarm of athletes ensuring the necessary safety so that they can express their athletic gesture made, still today as in the past, of fatigue and endurance.

That expression of youthful ability that surely "Mr. Antonietto" would have liked.

We are very pleased that this race, day after day, brings to Parabiago some guys capable of having fun and above all of entertaining the public present on the side of the road that encourages them.

Ladies Elite & Junior (Open formula)

With over 30 editions behind it, the organizing team of the "Antonietto Rancilio Trophy" has decided to expand the event by inserting a cycling test reserved for the Elite / Junior female categories, taking up an idea of ​​Antonietto Rancilio himself, who brought the women's cycling in Parabiago since the early 80s.


Just like then, the event takes place with the evening formula and in the heart of Parabiago where the present public can appreciate the spectacularity offered by the athletes.

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