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GS Rancilio - A chat with President Mario Bonissi

Good evening Mario, how are you?

It's very good, thank you. For some years the Rancilio Sports Group has had two main activities that see the organization of the Antonietto Rancilio Trophy and the participation of the competitive team in handbike races.

The 33rd Antonietto Rancilio trophy is coming; The activities are very clear and defined and we are organizing ourselves as best as possible to be at the top on race day.

There are news this year for the A.Rancilio Trophy, right?

Exactly, as you have seen it was no longer organized on its traditional date (end of March) but was postponed to June 30 because you want to move the organization using a completely city circuit of 4.4km to be repeated 26 times starting at 19:30 and arriving at 22:00.

We expect a very fast, spectacular and enjoyable race for the public, even for non-super cycling enthusiasts. The arrival will be in Piazza Maggiolini with the long Viale Marconi to go all in one breath.

The secretarial operations will be in the splendid Officina Rancilio 1926. It always remains a National race.

But isn't this type of race new to you?

That's right, we organized it in 2012 where to excel was that Ruffoni Nicola now professional with the Bardiani CSF at the fantastic average of 47.143Km / h.

For reasons related to the roads we had to completely change the route but we believe that even this year's unpublished one will guarantee high spectacularity.

As soon as the race was published and made official in the National calendar we had requests for participation, Being that registrations are limited to 130 starters we immediately completed the requests for participation and this is a source of satisfaction that shows an enjoyment of an excellent reputation at the organizational level. Unfortunately we could not have the Australian National Team at the start, which with Alex Edmonson, won the last edition because at that time they will not be in Italy.

How did the municipal administration accept this idea for the Trofeo Rancilio?

To tell the truth, already last October we had contacts with the Councilor for Sport Diego Scalvini to organize the Rancilio trophy with a new formula. Even the Mayor Raffale Cucchi immediately supported our idea.

What's new?

I think I have given you the main information and I invite you to visit us at our IGLOO located in Piazza Maggiolini, on the occasion of the next White Night of Sport (Saturday 11 June) to get the latest news. I take this opportunity to thank my Councilors who are continuing in the shadows in the various activities and Roberto Rancilio for his great commitment in this race that remembers his unforgettable father.

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